Deniable Video
Records, encrypts, and hides your video (and audio too)
  • Personal video surveillance that watches you, your office, or your home, but can't betray you by being used against you.
  • It captures video and audio continuously, but the images and sound are encrypted such that only a single person (you) can ever view it.
  • Maintain your privacy by using the only product in the world meant for deniable audio and video recording.

Home or Personal Use

Record your home knowing that nothing is compromised if the Deniable Video system is lost, stolen, or copied.

Keep track of your home when you are away.

Watch the video remotely from anywhere in the world over the Internet.
An Internet connection is optional; Deniable Video works with or without the Internet.

Install the system in the open or camouflaged.

Office or Business Use

Uses state-of-the-art encryption so you get video security with the ultimate level of privacy.

Store a true history of confidential meetings.

Keep audio and video records without worry about the Deniable Video system being lost, stolen, or copied.

Create continuous video of your office or sensitive areas of your business.

Other commercial uses


To set up: Plug in the unit, attach the camera, choose a passphrase, and press record. It records continuously.

To review video: Connect a personal computer to the Deniable Video unit, attach the supplied USB flash drive to your computer, run the video player from the flash drive, and enter your passphrase.

The complete system includes the Deniable Video unit, camera with audio capability, one year of warranty and support, and 30-day money back guarantee.